Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 159: Biden Falls Down Literally and Figuratively; Guest: Matt Boyle on All-Things Politics

by · Breitbart

Host Alex Marlow opens this Juneteenth edition of the show with an explanation of how this worthy national holiday has already been bastardized and corrupted – and it has only been a holiday for two years. This is utterly unsurprising, yet important to acknowledge. Then, Alex gets into the weekend’s biggest news: the leader of the free world has no idea how to dismount a bike. It was a huge humiliation for President Joey, as he fell during on a bike ride on an emergency vacation over the weekend. Alex explains why it was actually kind of important. Alex kicks off today’s “Woke Update” with Hillary Clinton drawing a stark contrast to Biden’s radical trans agenda, which could have big 2024 implications. Then, in our Rotten Economic News portion of the opening, Alex reports that the latest staple products are disappearing from store shelves. He also touches on guns, immigration, energy, and more in the beginning of the show before throwing it to our guest, Breitbart’s Washington Bureau Chief Matt Boyle. They discuss Tuesday’s primary races, the state of the Democrat Party given Biden’s abysmal polling numbers, and whether POTUS will meet with MBS in Saudi Arabia.

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