Today’s Daily ‘Dordle’ #144 Hints And Answers: Friday, June 17th

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Here's today's Dordle daily answers plus some helpful hints.Getty Images

Did you ever wish that Wordle was twice as challenging? Has the popular puzzle game gotten just a little too easy? Maybe your puzzling prowess has proven to powerful, or you’re just more prolific in prying out the pieces.

Whatever the case, there are plenty of spinoffs of the popular game and I’ve decided to start taking a crack at the daily Dordle on top of my Wordle guides.

How Dordle Works

Dordle is one of the games I recommended a while back when I wrote my Wordle alternatives guide.

The game is pretty straightforward while also quite perplexing at times. You basically solve two Wordles at the exact same time. You have seven rows instead of six, but there are five boxes for each word. You only get one guess per row, so you have to fill in both words with just seven total guesses. This is a great deal more challenging than Wordle, but also more fun in a lot of ways (if you like this sort of thing, of course).

Unlike Wordle, once you complete the daily Dordle you can move on to play as many games as you like for fun. The daily Dordle will be the same for everyone, however, just like Wordle.

Let’s take a look at today’s daily Dordle hints and answers.

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Today’s Dordle #144 Hints & Answers

Naturally, spoilers ahead.

Word #1 Hint: A somewhat antiquated word for chest.

Word #2 Hint: A letter in the Greek alphabet.

And the answers are . . .

Today's daily Dordle answersCredit: Erik Kain

My opening guess here got me a green on the left word and, more crucially, the letter ‘O’ which ends up being the main vowel across both words.

Obese riddled out both the vowels in the right word and got me an ‘S’ in the left. I had to think a long time before guessing my third word, but there are only so many five-letter words that start with O and have an E in the middle and I was pretty sure omega would be right.

For my final guess, I had to juggle letters for quite some time before I realized I could try a double ‘O’ with bosom. Luckily, I knew I needed an ‘S’ in there and so avoided words like broom.

Have a terrific Friday, fellow puzzlers!