Today’s ‘Heardle’ Answer And Clues For Monday, June 13

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Sometimes, Heardle offers up a song that you just want to vibe to.getty

Hey there, I hope your Monday is going well. You might be here because today’s Heardle has you perplexed, though. So, some clues and the answer are coming right up.

First, if this is somehow your first time playing Heardle, here’s how it works: You will hear the first second of a reasonably well-known song. You’ll then take a guess at the artist and title or skip your turn. If you skip or guess incorrectly, you’ll get to hear a little more of the song. The game continues until the sixth and final guess, at which point you’ll hear 16 seconds of the track.

If you’re a Heardle vet by this point, but haven’t played for a few days, these are the songs you may have missed:

Today’s a brand-new game, though. If you don’t know what today’s song is, these clues may help:

Heardle Clues For June 13

  1. This is listed as a folk-rock song on Wikipedia.
  2. It was released in 1988.
  3. It reached number six on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and number five on the U.K. singles chart.
  4. Rolling Stone ranked this song in 71st place on the most recent edition of its 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list.
  5. It was nominated for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the Grammy Awards and won the latter.

Heardle Answers For June 13

Spoiler warning. This is your last change to turn back and try to guess the Heardle answer before I reveal it...

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Heardle answer for June 13Heardle

It’s “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman!

Just an all-round beautiful song. Those opening notes are unmistakable to many, and this was an easy second-time guess for me. The little drum fill at the beginning wasn’t quite enough for me to identify it. I just needed to hear the guitar. Listen to the song in full below:

That’s all for today’s Heardle. I’ll also have clues and the answer for tomorrow’s song on my blog.