Today’s ‘Heardle’ Answer And Clues For Friday, June 17

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Perhaps today's Heardle will have you making moves like thisgetty

I know not everyone works Monday-Friday, but goodness am I glad to reach the end of the week. It’s been a busy, busy June for me (especially with all of yesterday’s Overwatch 2 news), and tomorrow will be my first day off in over two weeks. Still, the first thing I’ll do on Saturday is the first thing I’m doing today: playing Heardle. As ever, if you need a hand, I’ve got some clues and the answers for you.

If you’re a newcomer, here’s how to play Heardle: You will hear the first second of a reasonably well-known song. You’ll then take a guess at the artist and title or skip your turn. If you skip or guess incorrectly, you’ll get to hear a little more of the song. The game continues until the sixth and final guess, at which point you’ll hear 16 seconds of the track.

We’re all pretty busy and it’s not necessarily always possible to play every single Heardle song. If you haven’t checked out the game for a few days, here are the songs you may have missed:

Figuring out each day’s song isn’t always easy, though, so let’s dance over to some clues followed by, if you need them, today’s answer:

Heardle Clues For June 17

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  1. This is listed as a hip-hop/crunk&B song on Wikipedia.
  2. It was released in 2004.
  3. It stayed on top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 for 12 straight weeks and was a number one hit in several other countries, including the U.K.
  4. Time magazine called this the best song of 2004 and MTV said it was the most-played song of that year.
  5. It won the Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and was nominated for Record of the Year.

Heardle Answer For June 17

This is your final spoiler warning. It’s also your only one. Go figure. I really think you can get this one before I reveal the answer, which is...

Heardle answer for June 17Heardle

“Yeah!” by Usher (feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris)!

I am annoyed about the little speech at the beginning, meaning this was a second-time guess for me. Otherwise, one of the easiest games of Heardle for me so far. “Yeah!” has a very distinct opening that I’m sure most people of a certain age would recognize right away. Check out the full song here:

That’ll do it for today’s Heardle. Hope you’re having a smooth and easy day. I’ll have more clues and the answer for tomorrow’s song on my blog if you need ‘em.